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This little guy is AWESOME, while also breaking my heart. See, they only included the pattern for Roarmore the Lion, but not any of his friends. :(

Maybe if we all put our heads together, we could find the patterns for the others, or maybe some intrepid seamstress is ambitious enough to draft some based on these images? (A girl can hope, right?)

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Uh-oh, you guys!! I messed up a little…

Turns out that our list of 100 great gift ideas also included these gifts from the kitchen. Apparently these recipes account for 20 of our projects (I’m not sure if the two on the back of the little cookbook count or not…the layout of this magazine is a little more than slightly odd).  I already posted half of them here, but I missed the beautiful full-color display of all the gifts on page 70, so I’m including that and I’ve gone back and added it to the first post.

This also means we’re very nearly finished with our list of 100 gift ideas!

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